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State wise Travel Rules for All Indian Passenger travel through Domestic Flights

Air India has issued statewise travel rules for all the Indian passenger.


Quarantine: Compulsory home quarantine for 7 days, even with negative RT-PCR report. Passengers visiting Swaraj Dweep, Shaheed Dweep and Little Andaman need to have 10 days of home quarantine irrespective of being tested negative.

Any person violating the quarantine guidelines shall be liable to be fined to the tune of ₹5000/–each time


1) Passengers carrying Covid Negative Test Report done a maximum of 72 hours prior to entering in Goa.

2) Passengers entering Goa for Medical emergencies on the production of proof thereof.null

3) Following persons who are fully vaccinated at least 14 days before the date of entry and have been asymptomatic.

a) Persons who enter the state of Goa for purpose of business and employment.

b) Resident of Goa who is now stranded outside Goa for pandemic related or other such issues.

Andhra Pradesh

All asymptomatic passengers will have to undergo home quarantine for 14 days.

All passengers are required to register themselves on the Spandana website


The thermal screening will be conducted on arrivals. Rapid Antigen Test on arrival is mandatory. Passengers with positive results go for home isolation or hospitalization. Passengers with negative results will have to take the PCR test at theairport and remain under home quarantine until the result is declared.null

All arriving passengers will have to undergo compulsory home quarantine for 7 days, even if the result of the COVID-19 test on arrival is negative.

Rapid Antigen Test on arrival is mandatory for all including fully vaccinated passengers. Passengers with positive results go for home isolation/hospitalization Passengers with anegative results will have to take the RT-PCR test at the airport and remain under home quarantine until the result is declared.

The cost of the RT-PCR test maximum of ₹500 shall be borne by the passengers


The thermal screening will be conducted on arrivals.null

Bihar Government Health Department has removed restrictions for Domestic Arriving passengers at Patna and RT-PCR Negative report will not be mandatory for arriving passengers to Patna from other domestic stations.

10 days of home quarantine is mandatory for passengers

All passengers will be tested for Covid -19 & those found positive shall be directed to follow the SOP issued by the Health Department,

For GAYA only-Passengers arriving from Madhya Pradesh, Delhi & NCR, Gujarat, Maharashtra, Kerala &Punjab will require Vaccination Certificate/RT- PCR/RAT negative report from ICMR accredited labs. RT-PCR timeline starts from the swab collection time.

RT-PCR report within 72hours. 14 days past certificate of both doses of COVID vaccination.

Rapid Antigen Facility is available at arrivals free of costnull


Passengers are required to carry RT-PCR negative reports from ICMR certified labs not earlier than 96 hours. ICMR id or SRF id is a must on the negative reports, else testing for Covid will be done on arrival. Those without the above documents will be tested on arrival and remain in home isolation till the report is available.


The thermal screening will be done for all passengers upon arrival.

Passengers will have to remain in quarantine for 14 days.

All constitutional and government functionaries and their staff members are exempted from quarantine if they are asymptomatic.


Thermal screening shall be conducted for all arriving passengers.

There is no RT-PCR test required for Domestic travel in healthy individuals on arrival in any of the stations in Gujarat State.null

It is mandatory for passengers arriving at Surat to install the SMC Covid-19 Tracker App: and must also fill Novel Corona Self Reporting form-


The thermal screening will be done for all passengers upon arrival.

All asymptomatic passengers arriving at Haryana will have to undergo home quarantine for 14 days.


COVID Test will be done (free of cost) for passengers arriving from Maharashtra, Kerala & Gujarat.All passengers will be exempted from home quarantine if they arrive with RT- PCR/True NAT/CBNAAT/Antigen test with a negative report not more than 72hrs before arrival.

Fully vaccinated passengers after 15 days of the second dose will be exempted from the above test requirements to enter the state.

Home quarantine for visitors coming for more than 7 days.

No quarantine for travellers coming to Uttarakhand with a stay of fewer than 7 days.

Govt official from state & centre, Judges of Supreme & High court and other judicial officers, MP’s & MLA of Uttarakhand & support staff are exempted from quarantine.

All passengers need to register (Mandatory) on the state website: and follow SOPs of Government agencies.


Passengers, already been administered with the 1st dose of COVID-19 Vaccination, are EXEMPT from carrying the RT-PCR COVID-19 negative report while entering the State of Rajasthan, and shall also be exempt from the mandatory Home / Institutional Quarantine

However, those passengers who have not been vaccinated are required to carry a negative RT-PCR test report not older than 72 hours before departure and need to produce the negative COVID-19 certificate at the time of arrival in Rajasthan.

Passengers, without the report, will be quarantined for a period of 15 days.

In case the passenger does not belong to Jaipur or Rajasthan (Tourist, Businessman), he will have to make his own arrangements for getting quarantine.

All “Armed Forces Personnel” arriving in Rajasthan are exempted to show RT-PCR Negative report (Within 72 Hrs) on arrival.

All passengers arriving in Rajasthan shall undergo thermal screening and oxygen saturation checks at the airport.

Tamil Nadu

COVID Testing will be done on symptomatic persons coming from Maharashtra & Kerala. All passengers arriving in Coimbatore to have Auto E-Pass & also carry a negative RT-PCR report not earlier than 72 hours from the time of departure. The same is not

7 days of Home Quarantine & 7 days of self-monitoring for all passengers arriving into Tamil Nadu from Maharashtra & Kerala. Other asymptomatic passengers from all states, apart from

None It is mandatory for passengers to have aTN e-pass by registering on before their travel.


It is mandatory for passengers to carry negative RT-PCR reports not earlier than 72 hours before the time of entry into Maharashtra.Passengers without RT-PCR reports will not be permitted to board the flight.

All passengers who intend to stay in Maharashtra for a period of 7 days or less shall be exempted from mandatory quarantine. Such passengers will have to share the details of their return/onward


It is mandatory to possess a negative RT-PCR certificate not older than 72 hours for all passengers originating from Kerala and Maharashtra irrespective of the vaccination status.

For travellers from all other states, it is mandatory that those with COVID -19 symptoms should carry an RT- PCR Negative Test Report.

Permitted exemptions for negative RT-PCR certificates for travellers from Kerala and Maharashtra are as follows:

a) Constitutional functionaries and health care professionals.

b) Children below 2 years.

c) In a dire emergency situation (death in the family, medical treatment etc), the passengers’ swabs shall be collected on arrival.

On receipt of the RTPCR test report, further action will be taken as per the State Protocol.

The cost of the RT -PCR test at Bengaluru airport is INR 800/- PER PERSON.


Travellers from other States to Kerala shall carry an RT- PCR negative certificate has taken within 72 hours before the start of the journey.

However COVID-19 negative test result is not required for travel of any person (including delivery agents) within Kerala.

All asymptomatic passengers undergo home quarantine for 14 days. Passengers visiting Kerala for less than7 days are exempted from home quarantine provided they obtain an entry pass for a short visit from

In case, any passenger arrives at the Calicut airport without an RT-PCR result, the arrangements for the RT- PCR testing shall be arranged at the Airport itself. The passenger shall bear the expense of the test. The Passenger should

All passengers arriving in Kerala must have a valid e-pass after registering their details in the state’s COVID Jagratha portal, without which the passenger will not be permitted to exit the airport –

Himachal Pradesh

All asymptomatic passengers arriving from all states will be exempted from quarantine, if they are carrying a COVID negative certificate through RT-PCR test or TRUNAAT t/CB NAAT test by an ICMR authorized lab issued not earlier than 96 hours from the time when the sample was taken.

Asymptomatic passengers arriving from cities with a high prevalence of Covid- 19 will have to undergo 7 days of institutional quarantine, followed by 7 days of home quarantine.

Asymptomatic residents of Himachal Pradesh who had travelled to other states for medical, Business or work purposes maybe be exempted from quarantine if they exit or re-enter the state within 48 hours.

Passengers arriving from cities with a high prevalence of Covid-19 may only be exempted from institutional quarantine if they are travelling for exceptional and compelling reasons such as human distress, pregnancy, death in the family, serious illness and parent(s) accompanied by children below 10 years. However, these passengers will then have to undergo home quarantine for 14days.

It is mandatory for all passengers to install Aarogya Setu App and also register at least 48 hours prior to their arrival on the Covid E- Pass portal

Army/CAPF personnel are not required to register on E -Pass if they have arrived to join back their official duty.

Jammu and Kashmir

All passengers arriving at Jammu & Kashmir will have to undergo the Covid19 antigen test through the RT-PCR method or Rapid Antigen test.

Until the test results are reported negative, passengers will have to undergo home quarantine for 14 days.

Passengers without contactable phone numbers with updated Aarogya Setu App will have to undergo institutional quarantine

Asymptomatic Business travellers carrying a confirmed return ticket confirmed hotel booking and their Business ID will be exempted from quarantine and will be permitted to proceed to their hotel from the

Passenger is required to fill up ICMR health form on arrival.

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