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Singapore Airlines Flight Scheduled, Publishes November Flying Schedule

Singapore Airlines Flight Scheduled : The Singapore Airlines Group has published its flying schedule for the month of November.

The airline group says it will reach approximately 11 per cent of its pre-Covid-19 levels by November – up from 8 per cent in October, and 7 per cent this month.

Here is a list of the destinations the carriers will be flying to in November:

Singapore Airlines Flight Scheduled to List of all continent 

South East Asia:

Phnom Penh (Cambodia)
Jakarta (Indonesia)
Medan (Indonesia)
Surabaya (Indonesia)
Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia)
Bangkok (Thailand)
Cebu (The Philippines)
Manila (The Philippines)
Hanoi (Vietnam)
Ho Chi Minh City (Vietnam)

North Asia :

Chongqing (China)
Shanghai (China)
Hong Kong (Hong Kong SAR)
Osaka (Japan)
Tokyo – Narita (Japan)
Seoul Incheon (South Korea)
Taipei (Taiwan)

West Pacific :

Adelaide (Australia)
Brisbane (Australia)
Melbourne (Australia)
Perth (Australia)
Sydney (Australia)
Auckland (New Zealand)
Christchurch (New Zealand)

Europe :

Copenhagen (Denmark)
Paris (France)
Frankfurt (German)
Milan (Italy)
Barcelona (Spain)
Zurich (Switzerland)
Amsterdam (The Netherlands)
London – Heathrow (United Kingdom)
Istanbul (Turkey)

United States :

Los Angeles (United States)
A full list of the flight schedules can be found here.

“Please note that some destinations continue to have travel restrictions, including limits on passenger numbers. As a result, some of the flights that have been listed may be closed for sale,” reads a statement from the airline.

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